Someone Used to Love Me

Don’t judge yourself!
Just feel your honest emotions!
Travel this journey and rise to a place of peace.
Believe you have the power to heal… achieve new goals and gain confidence!


About the Author

Susan is a retired teacher with a thirty-three year career in the Philadelphia public school system. A widow for twelve years, she leads the Philadelphia chapter of the WConnection, which is a national support group that helps widows rebuild their lives.

Nothing prepares you for widowhood. Not even a rough childhood: divorced parents, a mother with financial and health issues, or raising a child with special needs. When you love someone from age fourteen to sixty and have a forty-one-year marriage… changing gears seems impossible.

Susan lives in Cheltenham, PA. with her son. Her daughter lives nearby with her husband and two children.

The beach has always been an inspiration and stable force in her life.

She hopes that these simple words connect with you so you can validate your feelings.

About the Book

Susan J. Gross lost her husband in 2003 after a forty-one year marriage. She shares a simple walk through the confusion and depression of the grief process and demonstrates how she developed strength and insight. She hopes that her insight will help you through your grief and help you realize that you are safe and not alone. Positive change and strength are waiting. Begin the journey. Make the impossible… possible.


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